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Listening: Kreuzberg (playlist)

It’s been a long time since I had huge amounts of time or motivation to make playlists and really dive into listening to music. Europe is always great for that. 🙂 I made a few playlists during my month in Berlin with some old favorites and new discoveries. This is the first playlist I made, as I explored the neighborhood I was staying in, Kreuzberg. (Though really, it was Kreuzberg and Neukölln, just past Gorlitzer Park.)

Take two!

If you’ve been reading along, you may remember me talking about a study abroad program to Berlin that I had been accepted to for last Fall quarter. I wound up deciding to withdraw for several reasons – some that I won’t go into detail here (but quickly summed up as lack of faith in the organization of the program) and because Husband had just started working for himself and business was picking up quickly. He needs to travel for work at times and I didn’t feel I could go away for ten weeks leaving him to manage The Kid and work on his own.

I kind of gave up on the idea of studying abroad after that, it just didn’t seem in the cards, though he & I were still planning a Summer trip in Berlin.

But then.. I somehow got wind of another program, also in Berlin, but a Summer short program. Meaning that one, it would only be 4 weeks long and two, in Summer the kid goes to hang out with Grandmom for a few weeks. So… I applied. And I tried to just let fate take it’s course, but wow, I really really really really really really wanted this one. It was good that the last one didn’t pan out because otherwise I wouldn’t have looked at anymore programs and this one is PERFECT. This is the exact kind of thing I want to do. It’s service oriented program where we’ll be working with various refugee and immigrant groups on Berlin. I had to interview for this one so I got to meet the program leaders first and YES! Everything was falling into place. I liked them immediately and could tell they’d be great to work under. There are so many factors that make this program great – they encouraged German and Arabic language students to apply, which hopefully means I’ll be able to use both. And I’ve often said that I feel like Germany is going to be of growing importance in regards to the refugee situation and world affairs – this is where I want to go to learn and take part. All I see is wonderful opportunity when I think about this program.

It’s been pins and needles for the past couple weeks as I waited for decision time, but this afternoon I got the email. Once the program is over, Husband will come over so that we can hang and enjoy Berlin for a week or so after.

I have to say, I always have the attitude that if someone falls through or doesn’t pan out as you expect, that just means there’s better things coming around the corner. This attitude has served me well, so far…!!

Deutsche Filme: Das Boot

As part of my personal German immersion learning, I’ve been revisiting some old German movies (many of which I’ve already seen, but didn’t pay much attention to the sound of the language.) I’ve got a pretty tall tower of DVDs from the library waiting to be watched. A few weeks ago I watched a brand new movie – Er Ist Wieder Da. Tonight I’m watching Das Boot.

Note: I got really confused for a second when it started because Klaus Wennemann looks like Jon Hamm.

der Film

It’s ok to laugh. Really. A friend alerted me to this movie “Er ist wieder da” a few weeks ago. I’m not making any cliched Hitler comparisons here – but as I watched, I had to check the date it was released because it almost seemed like it was made in response to all the uh… Trump issue here in the States. (Just watch it, you’ll see what I mean, especially towards the end.) It’s one of those movies where you start out laughing every other minute and then slowly “sober up” and feel a little concerned as it goes on. Darkly comical and well worth watching.