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Everything old is new again.

Just a few bits of yammering about television. 

One) American Gods. I read this book… what, fifteen years ago? And again in the time since the first read, and I also insisted that Husband  read it when we met. I have recommended many books to him and he rarely finishes anything if he even gets past the first chapter. (We have very different reading styles. He tends to read more biographies, tech, business type things and slowly. I read sci-fi, history, nonfiction of the historical kind, philosophy, and the occasional brain candy and very, very quickly.) This is the ONLY book I’ve recommended that he stuck to and loved. It’s that good. I’ve been hearing about the series adaption for years and been both eagerly anticipating and dreading. But I have to say, three episodes in and I’m pretty happy. I was nervous about the Dane Cook casting (hate him) but gleeful that he got the part of the dead friend. So we won’t see much of him. Otherwise, it’s been a real hoot reading the recaps and hearing the reactions of people who have never read the book and have no freakin’ clue what happens. (See especially: sex goddess and Djin taxi drivers. Yup.)

Two) The Handmaid’s Tale. Another book I read a lifetime ago. It was published in 1998 and I’m pretty sure that’s when I read it. I say that only to say it was a horrifying scenario back then and amazing to see how much more poignant it’s become. I’ve always been a big fan of Atwood – if you enjoy Handmaid’s Tale (the show) you should really read the book. Or not and read, instead, The Robber Bride and the Oryx and Crake series (actually, I believe it’s referred to as the “Maddadam Trilogy”). If you like eerily poignant sci fi stuff, this is it. I’m hoping they’ll go after Oryx and Crake as a series next.

Three) Roseanne – I’m unsure how I feel about this. We (me and the parents) watched this regularly when it first aired. It kind of sucked towards the end. I’ve tried watching the reruns when they’re on (TBS, is it?) but I can’t. It’s really dated and Roseanne herself grates on my nerves now. I’ve heard news that they’re resurrecting it and coming back with new episodes. I suppose I’ll check it out but am not expecting much.

Four) The New Pope – I was so bummed out when the last episode aired, in a way that I haven’t been over a show in a very long time. (Since Six Feet Under, maybe?) I loved the way I felt completely immersed and swept up in the scenery and atmosphere. The cinematography and set design was FANTASTIC, as was the soundtrack. If they retain all the fantastic-ness, I’m on board and super excited for more… even if it means no more Lenny/Jude Law. (Or maybe he’ll come back? Did he die or not? No one knows.) The show will surely not be the same without that icy cold, sardonic, condescending grin and the deadpan delivery of some very witty lines.

travels with Toblerone

IMG_0987At school last week, I broke the sanctity of a decades long tradition. I never eat Toblerone, EXCEPT, for some reason, every time I’m in an International airport about to go (or already there) abroad. It’s hardly the greatest international chocolate, either. But it’s a thing. (Like when I used to drink Fanta every time I went to Mexico or Europe. And I didn’t even drink soda, ordinarily. That habit is long since dead.) But I went to the hub and saw Toblerone and suddenly had to have it. I must have traveling to Italy Berlin on the brain. And the Husky Hub feels airport-like. (Let’s face it, same quality of food, too! Nyuk nyuk.) Though I prefer the dark chocolate, there’s something familiar and comforting and exciting to me about this weird, long triangle yellow box of chocolate.

der Film

It’s ok to laugh. Really. A friend alerted me to this movie “Er ist wieder da” a few weeks ago. I’m not making any cliched Hitler comparisons here – but as I watched, I had to check the date it was released because it almost seemed like it was made in response to all the uh… Trump issue here in the States. (Just watch it, you’ll see what I mean, especially towards the end.) It’s one of those movies where you start out laughing every other minute and then slowly “sober up” and feel a little concerned as it goes on. Darkly comical and well worth watching.

Beauty Heroes: nontoxic skincare

** I don’t do affiliate posts  – but I think I’m supposed to at least mention that I have not received any compensation for any of the products I mention here. This is just a post blathering about some new finds that I love.

I made a big switch to all nontoxic (and all that jazz) skincare years ago. I went through a period of about 6 months where I insisted on making everything myself. I bought tons of supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs – essential oils, beeswax, butters (shea, cocoa, mango, and on and on), hydrosols, you name it. I made all my own concoctions for face oils, some bath salts. I made a few body washes and lotions that never turned out quite to my liking and I was determined to start making my own soaps.

But then one, anything beyond mixing a few oils into a bottle to make a facial oil blend became tedious and too much work and two, I ran out of time. Once I went back to school, I had to give up some of my uber hippy ways. Plus… did I mention the tediousness?

I went back to my “luxury” all natural skincare stuff because, let’s face it, I love my fancy shmancy oils and things. I’ve purchased most of the products I use from Spirit Beauty Lounge or The Detox Market. (SBL I love you and all those points I’ve accrued but the inconsistency in availability of stuff I want is making me crazy.) I have a huuuuge collection of Ilia Beauty Lipsticks (for someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, I’m not sure how that happened – although I do just snap up every single orange-shaded lipstick I ever see.) May Lindstrom, Tata Harper, and Dr Alkaitis products are the shit. I discovered my favorite perfume company (all natural!) ever at SBL – Strange Invisible Perfumes. People are constantly asking if I’m wearing perfume (it’s subtle and doesn’t smell perfume-y) when they get near me and 97% of the time it’s SI’s “Fair Verona.”  (Jasmiiiiine…aaaaaah….)

Somewhere along the way, I discovered the “Beauty Heroes” subscription box. I’m generally suspicious of subscription type things, but I figured I’d give it a go for a month or two. I had considered Birch Box and whatever the other one is that’s all the rage right now, but I didn’t want to try any products that aren’t in the all natural / non toxic / etc range. (Beauty Heroes is all that and a bag of organic, sustainably harvested chips.) The first few products were nice enough – honestly, it was from companies I already knew (such as Kahina), but the $39 monthly charge for stuff that costs significantly more than that was nice. So I kept up with it. The products they sent lasted longer than a month so I started to amass a small collection. The hair stuff I can do without but the In Fiore oil and face wash emulsion was lovely and they sent some products from Osmia that I enjoyed. (I took advantage of my member discount and purchased some Osmia body oils which are wonderful.)

But then…!

Skin Owl from Beauty Heroes

A couple of months ago, the monthly box included Skin Owl’s “Mangosteen Beauty Drops: PM” oil.  I use facial oils like crazy and if I’m honest, I can’t really tell one apart from another. But this stuff is definitely far and above the rest – the smell alone had me hooked. If it weren’t such a pricey little bottle I would slather it all over my body (it smells SO GOOD, I wish I could drink it). It IS pricey, but so far it’s going a long way so I plan on purchasing it when this bottle is empty. (It retails for $85 but I got it for $39 – the monthly subscription fee and then something like 20% off when I purchase a new bottle from the Beauty Heroes site.)

And for April, they sent True Botanicals Exfoliating Moisture Mask. This mask is serious. I’d previously been a devotee of Tata Harper’s Exfoliating Mask but I’ll be saving those pennies for the True Botanicals mask from now on. (Also pricey but goes a long way – I definitely get far more uses out of it than I do a small jar of Tata Harper.) The True Botanicals Mask smells lovely, like Neroli, and it is an exfoliating marvel. I can’t remember the last time I saw my skin so bright as after I use this mask. (My skin feels tingly for a few hours afterward, but it’s not intolerable. I also always seem to wind up leaving it on for FAR longer than it says to – I get distracted.) I don’t really seek stuff out that “reverses signs of aging” but boy, I do appreciate how smooth my skin looks afterwards – and the effect is lasting. I would love to try more products from True Botanicals but *gulp* yeah, they are pricey. The mask is the most affordable thing they have. Right now I’m saving for my study abroad program in Berlin, so maybe afterwards…!!