Short Version:

I am currently working towards a B.A. in CHID (Comparative History of Ideas) with Honors at University of Washington; I am focusing largely on the Arabic language with some German and the politics of urban space.

  • Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at Bellevue College
  • Golden Key International Honor Society at University of Washington
  • Dean’s List at University of Washington
  • 3.88 GPA (Bellevue College for transfer to UW)
  • 3.85 GPA (UW)

arabic: German bios coming soon


  • 20 years experience working in tech – help desk / IT background
  • 15+ years experience teaching (web & eLearning technology, English as a Second/Foreign language, yoga)
  • 15+ years in web development, working with CMS (Moveable
    Type, WordPress, etc)
  • Expert in using and customizing WordPress
  • Project Management, Training development
  • Languages: Intermediate Spanish   /   conversational Czech   /   2 years of Arabic at UW   /   1 year German at UW   /  and can be polite in a dozen other languages
  • 200 RYT certified (yoga)
  • Extraordinarily strong critical thinking skills
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Comfortable working within a team and independently
  • Fearless, enjoy and prefer challenges; skillful problem-solver


– After taking the class, “City of the Future” with *Keith Harris a few quarters ago, I solidified a long held interest that I’d never been able to put into words before. I’m fascinated with the nature of urban spaces,  intangible qualities of urban space, “public space activation”, and the idea of ownership of space (from urban spaces to borders and countries).  I’ve recently started a personal photography project that is focused strictly on Urban Spaces and all there is to see in them. I’m hoping to combine these things into a coherent topic for my senior thesis at UW.

– For my CHID 390 class, I did my research on the concept of Heterotopias and politics of space. Rather than think about how certain “Heterotopias of privilege” (public space activation such as outdoor cafes, alleyway activation, etc) keep people out, I looked at how these spaces serve to hide the many layers of the city and create complacency among those who “gain entrance” to these spaces. I also briefly looked at how graffiti and urban art work to reclaim space and to keep those other layers of the city (i.e. the “reality” of urban development and planning) visible.

– I am spending the Summer A Term in Berlin on an Honors Study Abroad Program. My research topic is the study of Arabic Graffiti in Berlin.

– I am a linguaphile and a polyglot. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to learn languages – whether it’s learning towards fluency or simply new phrases. My first “second language” from my high school days is Spanish. I learned some Czech while living in the Czech Republic and, over time, have picked up snippets of Russian, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc. I spontaneously chose to learn Arabic for my Honors requirement (two years of a foreign language) and it’s one of the best academic decisions I’ve ever made (second to choosing to switch majors to CHID from neurobiology.) I have been learning German on my own for the past several months and will be adding a year of German at UW, in addition to Arabic, next year.


Long Version:

Chapter 1: Tech
I began working in the IT department of a long-term insurance company nearly 20 years ago. From there I moved on to a company that did solely web development and training and worked as a web technologies trainer and a developer both for the company and freelance. After a about a decade and a half, I took a break from the tech world for a few years to focus on my son and teaching yoga & meditation. However, during that break I was still doing freelance projects, including keeping up with my own websites/s and blogging as well as offering up sites to friends with small companies.

As a tecchie way back when, I helped to maintain and develop websites as well as going on-site to major companies as a certified Adobe Instructor (Connect, Captivate, Dreamweaver, etc). I’ve trained for such companies and institutions as Raytheon, Mercedes, the US Army, Merck, Crocs, and many others. I also taught public classes for web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Section 508 Compliance, Photoshop for web, intro to Flash, etc. I’ve gone through many, many of my own personal websites for the sheer enjoyment of tweaking code. I’ve used and customized WordPress sites for about 15 years after switching over from Moveable Type. I also did the occasional site for friends and small companies. But long before I got involved in “the web”, I started out in the IT department and Help Desk. I did various IT duties and that was where I first started teaching – I developed some small classes for the employees of the company related to software and computer usage.

Chapter 2: Om
I took my first yoga class about twenty years ago but didn’t start practicing regularly and consistently until about 8 years ago. (When I lived in Santa Monica, I walked over to Santa Monica Yoga several times a week which is where I first discovered Vinyasa style yoga.) Shortly after my son was born and we moved to the Seattle area, I took classes with Ali Valdez of Sattva Yoga and eventually took teacher training. I now have my 200RYT (“Registered Yoga Teacher”) and a 75 hour Yin certification.

I practice and/or have taken classes in Hatha, Astanga, Yin, Bikram, Meditation, Vinyasa, Acro, Power, and Iyengar but I primarily stick to Vinyasa and Astanga.

Chapter 3: Around the World
I’ve moved around a bit – I’m from near Philadelphia, PA. I’ve lived in Prague (Czech Republic) for three years, then Santa Monica for two years, and now I live in a ‘burb of Seattle with my husband, son, and German Shepherd, Moya. I adore Seattle and I seem to be one of the few that loves the weather here. (I’m a northern girl and always will be.) Travel is of the utmost importance to me.

Chapter 4: Stuff
I seem to always be teaching in some form or another – during my time in Prague, I taught English. When not doing yoga or making websites, I love to be outdoors (walking the dog, running), going on road trips, plotting our next trip abroad, cooking and baking (a form of meditation for me!), knitting, learning new languages, and world travel. I also have the largest collection of orange lipstick that you’ve ever seen.

Last Fall I started at University of Washington to finish the degree I started a lifetime ago. I began with the intention of studying psychology and neurobiology, but realized (thanks to well timed electives in art history and Latin) that my heart still belongs in Humanities. I bailed on neuro and joined the Comparative History of Ideas program (with honors) and thus far its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.